San Francisco Acupuncture Room

What to Expect at Five Pins

Before you come in:

  • Please print and fill out the New Patient Intake Form. If you're unclear about how to use a sliding fee scale, check out this article. There are excellent graphs to help you figure what to pay. 

  • If you plan on using insurance, please fill out and send your practitioner the Insurance Information Form  at least 48 hours before your treatment.

  • Make sure to have a little bite to eat before you come for your treatment. You don’t need to be super full, but it’s not a good idea to get a treatment on an empty stomach. 

  • Please refrain from wearing scents or perfumes, as some patients are sensitive to scents. 



Once you get here:

  • Expect to be in the office for approximately an hour. 
  • We’ll have a chat about your health, past and present. 
  • We’ll check your pulse and take a look at your tongue to help form a diagnosis and treatment plan. 
  • We’ll gently insert hairthin, single use, sterile needles to regulate your body’s vital energy, or Qi. 
  • You may feel a small prick when the needle is inserted. You may also feel a heaviness, or a gathering sensation near the needle. If you are uncomfortable, or if something is painful, please let your practitioner know. 
  • The needles will stay in for about 30 minutes, during which time most people fall asleep or meditate. 
  • Your treatment may also include massage or cupping, if necessary.

After you leave:

  • Generally people feel relaxed after an acupuncture treatment. 
  • It’s not recommended to drink alcohol or engage in rigorous physical activity right after a treatment.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, or if anything comes up for you after your treatment,  please contact your practitioner.