Over the past couple weeks, person after person has told me that they have been sick for months. For most people they've been just slightly sick. They don't get fully sick and they feel like they don't get fully better either. 

bless us.

Lots of people in SF are sick and/or having allergies. We recently got a bunch of much needed rain which has meant a lot more mold in our damp old city. I'm seeing congestion (chest and nasal), cough and fatigue. 

Every single one of my patients has talked about how awful they've felt since the inauguration. They've expressed anger, fear, worry, outrage, anxiety, insomnia, sadness, and so much more. 


over the last few days, so many people have told me that they feel really emotionally sensitive. several people have also shared feeling cloudy-minded. and lots of people have been having trouble sleeping. 

could it be the eclipse? 

baby season.

I've been doing more and more fertility support in the last couple of years. It's a pretty wild ride sometimes. Of course, one of my favorite parts is when we get to labor induction. I have someone coming in this afternoon for just that, labor induction. I just realized that right now three of my patients are at 35 weeks, one just delivered two days ago, and then there's the labor induction today. (Not to mention the few that are just shy of 35 weeks.) I guess 8/9 months ago was a very fertile time?