San Francisco Acupuncture Room

What to Expect at Five Pins

Before you come in:

  • Please print and fill out the New Patient Intake Form

  • Make sure to have a little bite to eat before you come for your treatment. You don’t need to be super full, but it’s not a good idea to get a treatment on an empty stomach. 

  • Please refrain from wearing scents or perfumes, as some patients are sensitive to scents. 



Once you get here:

  • Expect to be in the office for approximately an hour. 
  • We’ll have a chat about your health, past and present. 
  • We’ll check your pulse and take a look at your tongue to help form a diagnosis and treatment plan. 
  • We’ll gently insert hairthin, single use, sterile needles to regulate your body’s vital energy, or Qi. 
  • You may feel a small prick when the needle is inserted. You may also feel a heaviness, or a gathering sensation near the needle. If you are uncomfortable, or if something is painful, please let your practitioner know. 
  • The needles will stay in for about 30 minutes, during which time most people fall asleep or meditate. 
  • Your treatment may also include massage or cupping, if necessary.

After you leave:

  • Generally people feel relaxed after an acupuncture treatment. 
  • It’s not recommended to drink alcohol or engage in rigorous physical activity right after a treatment.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, or if anything comes up for you after your treatment,  please contact your practitioner. 

Cancellation Policy: 

We have a standard cancellation policy: you will be charged the full cost of your appointment if you do not cancel or reschedule before 24 hours of your appointment time. Due to the time it takes to check in and come up with a treatment plan during each session, if you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, this will be considered a late cancellation. For insurance patients, we cannot bill your insurance for sessions that aren't attended, and you will be responsible for the full visit fee.