baby season.

I've been doing more and more fertility support in the last couple of years. It's a pretty wild ride sometimes. Of course, one of my favorite parts is when we get to labor induction. I have someone coming in this afternoon for just that, labor induction. I just realized that right now three of my patients are at 35 weeks, one just delivered two days ago, and then there's the labor induction today. (Not to mention the few that are just shy of 35 weeks.) I guess 8/9 months ago was a very fertile time? 

slow and steady.

i’ve heard many body workers say that their practices are slower in the summer months, and i can say the same is true for mine. though there are still plenty of people in need of treatments, the summer lightens my patient load just a bit.

it seems like people just feel better during the warmer months. (though summer does not always mean warmer in san francisco.) people have fewer digestive issues because they’re usually eating healthier foods–fewer holiday parties and heavy seasonal feasts in the summer. people also tend to spend more time outside, and often get more exercise, which makes us all feel better. it seems people also feel better emotionally, whether it’s due to more sunlight or stress-filled holidays, i’m not sure. also, peoples’ aches and pains are generally less intense when the weather is warm.

hooray for summer!

these days i’m mostly treating people for fertility issues and general health maintenance.

full moon.

the shared compliant this week is hard to describe.

in general, people said they felt: “bad”, “weird”, “anxious”, “very stressed”, “agitated”, “irritable”, “angry”, “depressed”, “sad”, “hopeless”, “on edge”, “queasy”, and “nervous”.

for some people these emotions manifested into: headaches, severe stomach pain, lower back pain, diarrhea, palpitations, shoulder tension, neck pain, reduced appetite, and/or insomnia.

it seems a lot of people are having a hard time.

also, lots of people are trying to get pregnant.