Lis teaches business classes to
acupuncture students, newly licensed acupuncturists, and acupuncturists who are looking for more information about how to establish and support their practices.


Classes include information about how to decide between community and private acupuncture practices, what’s needed to start a private practice, basics of insurance billing, marketing, patient retention, self care, and so much more.



In addition to being a space for the healing arts, Five Pins Project
is an art gallery and community space.

With a goal of healing bodies, minds and spirits - AND building community,

Five Pins Project holds bimonthly art openings and community events. 

After all, it’s easier to be balanced and healthy when we live 

in a vibrant and connected community!


Artists who have shown at Five Pins include:

Ariel Dunitz-Johnson,  ThuHa Vu, Suzanne Pugh, Zoe Ani, Sookie Koban, Dallas Kavanagh, Megan Gnekow, Matt Grippo, Omar Gonzales , Jason Roque, Craig Calderwood, DavEnd, Bobby Cortez, Sam Lopes, Nicki  Green,  Matt Pawlowski, Sahar Khoury, Emil Heiple,  Adrian Sanchez, Brian Keenan,  Alicia McCarthy, Grace Rosario-Perkins, Rebekah Erev, Julz Hale Mary, and E. “Oscar” Maynard . 

San Francisco Acupuncture Waiting Room