Covid-19 Safety

In an effort to keep our patients and ourselves free of COVID-19 and as healthy as possible, we do everything we can to keep the office virus-free.

We wear masks and welcome our patients to wear masks.

We no longer offer water or tea in the waiting room. 

We ask patients to come on time, so no one is sitting in the waiting room.

We ask patients to use the bathroom at home before they come for the treatment.

We have shifted away from fabric linens to disposable table paper and vinyl pillows.

We no longer offer blankets and ask patients to wear warm, loose-fitting clothing.

We continue to use clean needle protocol.

We disinfect the treatment rooms thoroughly between each patient. 

We have air filters in the waiting and treatment rooms. 

We stay up to date with current information about COVID-19 and safety protocols. 

Patient Testimonials

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