Wilson Shook is a manual therapist specializing in Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral Therapy, and integrative therapeutic massage. Wilson utilizes gentle, targeted, osteopathic techniques to relieve restriction within and around the internal organs, brain, nervous system, and vasculature, restoring healthy movement and function. By assisting the body in working through its internalized responses to physical and emotional trauma, Wilson works with the often neglected root causes of chronic injury, structural imbalance and dysfunction. Sessions with Wilson incorporate a balance of targeted visceral/cranial work and full-body musculoskeletal work, with the goal of restoring your body’s ability to adapt and heal on its own.

Wilson particularly values holding space at the intersection of physical and emotional wellness. He is consistently honored and humbled to work safely with trauma and the residual effects of injuries, illnesses, and surgeries that each of us carries throughout life. Wilson’s goal is to support you in finding a greater sense of balance, ease and embodiment.

By approaching the body as an integrated and interdependent whole, Wilson’s work is effective in treating a wide variety of issues, including motor vehicle injuries, reproductive and urinary issues, postural imbalance, PTSD, digestive issues, migraines, nerve pain, heart and lung issues, brain injuries, anxiety, depression, chronic or unexplained illness, and much more.

Wilson works with people of all backgrounds, all genders and body types, in all stages of life. He strives to be welcoming and respectful, to provide a safe healing space and a supportive presence. Wilson is always happy to talk about his work, so please get in touch with any questions you may have!

Wilson studied massage at the Northwest Academy of Healing Arts. He has studied Visceral Manipulation, Cranial Osteopathy, and related disciplines extensively with the Barral Institute, and serves as a teaching assistant in their VM curriculum.

Wilson spends his free time underneath a pile of books, or out exploring the urban environment, camera in hand. He also plays saxophones, rides bikes, and starts more projects than he’ll ever finish.


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Lis offers one-on-one coaching sessions to healers of all modalities and small business owners who are committed to generating income in ways that align with their values.

Coaching allows for focused support and development. Weekly or monthly meetings help to set up a system of goals, tasks, and accountability.

Reach out to Lis directly to set up coaching sessions.

123 Sample St, Sydney NSW 2000 AU
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