Oakland office

230 Grand Ave., Suite 301C,
Oakland, CA 94610

There is metered and non-metered street parking available. We are located in a vibrant neighborhood, so please give yourself ample time to find a spot and make it up to the third floor.

The main door to the building is unlocked (just push the door open) during regular business hours.

  • If the door is locked, please use the narrow keypad and dial: 4210#.
  • The door to the clinic is always locked. Please enter 4210 on the keypad on the office door in suite 301C (3rd floor).
  • To properly use the elevator, make sure the metal door is firmly closed and push the button for your floor slightly longer than you think.
  • If you have any trouble getting to the clinic, please call or text: (415) 504-2656.
  • There is a waiting room and bathroom located inside the clinic suite.

Accessibility: There is a ramped entrance at the back of the building and an elevator on the ground floor.

Patient Testimonials

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